A leader in supercritical extraction

Verado is committed to providing quality designed solutions to individuals, institutions, and companies in need of pure plant-based concentrates, including essential oils, herbal extracts, and botanical extracts. We have developed high-efficiency supercritical fluid extraction systems to serve our customers with an affordable means of performing a wide variety of extractions.

Our team is equipped to provide specialized expertise and support for your unique business needs. We understand the challenges faced by small businesses in rapid growth, and we're here to help you harness the many advantages of supercritical fluid extraction. Our customers know that an investment in a Verado Extraction System is an investment in the longevity and sustainability of their company.

Photo courtesy of Steve Jurvetson / Flickr.

Industry Specialties

Cannabis Oils

Supercritical CO2 extraction is well suited to produce high-quality cannabis oil concentrates from a variety of marijuana strains. As the market for cannabinoids expands, we ensure that our equipment is tuned to serve this market. Verado was founded on the idea that we could create a simpler, safer, and more affordable process for essential oil extraction.

Brewing Hops Oils

Brewing has been around for millennia. From Pilsners to IPA's, hops oils are a critical flavoring component in the vast majority of American brews. Our company opens the door to hops oil manufacturers who hope to modernize their processing technology and ensure they have an edge on their competition.


In the exploration of naturally-occurring compounds, scientists have only begun to breach the surface of opportunities for supplements and ingredients with nutritional benefits to humans and livestock. Verado's supercritical fluid extraction equipment is capable of generating nutraceuticals and flavoring compounds used in markets across the globe.

Research & Development

Verado is a driver of innovation in the supercritical fluid extraction industry. Our R&D team is constantly seeking new ways to improve and optimize our process technology. We use top-of-the-line OEM's to ensure that our systems offer reliable performance and safe operation. Our R&D efforts have centered around a few critical processing parameters:

Enhancing Extraction Efficiency

Every drop of essential oil counts. Our systems are designed to increase yields and maximize the ratio of output to solvent consumed.

Improving Selectivity

Precise control of the solvent's thermophysical properties are pivotal in targeting the range of essential oils and other compounds desired by our customers.

Reducing Cycle Times

Shorter cycle times equate to greater throughput.


In major process components, we are testing and implementing novel ways to reduce operator inputs and costs.


We source and design our parts to be among the most reliable in the industry so that our customers spend less time with maintenance and more time growing their bottom line.