Verado is committed to providing quality engineered solutions to individuals, institutions, and companies in need of pure plant-based concentrates, including essential oils, herbal extracts, and botanical extracts. We have developed high-efficiency supercritical fluid extraction systems to serve our customers with an affordable means of performing a wide variety of extractions.

Our focus is on the cannabis, nutraceutical, and brewing industries, yet we offer solutions for many other applications. The horizons of supercritical CO2 extractions are only limited by your imagination.

Key advantages of our systems include:
  • High CO2 flow rates for shorter batch times.
  • High yield: extraction vessels are designed for maximum material contact, ensuring you get every drop of desirable oil out of your feedstock.
  • Reliable components that maximize system uptime.
  • Domestic parts that can be quickly replaced.
  • Access to an expert engineering support team.

01 High Efficiency

Your oil production matters. Our equipment enables your team to achieve high product yields while also maintaining a high ratio of product output to solvent consumption. For deeper exploration of our efficiency benefits, we welcome you to review our optimization research and ROI case studies.

02 Reliable

Our systems utilize the highest quality components available. The bulk of our parts are sourced from United States distributors so that we can quickly replace any component on your system. Not only does this design philosophy minimize downtime and operating expenditures, but it also means that your team will have a hassle-free experience.

03 Clean

Supercritical extraction systems are inherently cleaner and safer than traditional systems that use flammable organic solvents. Carbon dioxide leaves no residues in your final product, so you can avoid the trouble of testing for residual solvent. Our systems are designed to mitigate risk and are safe to operate.

04 Economical

Capital costs and operating expenditures are critical to your business's ability to thrive. Because our systems don't have any unnecessary bells and whistles, you'll be able to get up and running without breaking the bank.

05 Versatile

Carbon dioxide density can be adjusted to suit your particular application. With the right tuning, supercritical carbon dioxide is able to extract a narrow or broad range of hydrophobic compounds.

06 Quality

Our systems were designed to keep you in operation without question. We have placed our systems through stringent testing and quality assurance protocols in order to ensure that your business succeeds.


CX Series | Quality CO2 Extractors
Our workhorse systems for businesses, light industry, and laboratories.
Now available.

CCX Series | Compact CO2 Extractors
Great for tight spaces and modest budgets.
Currently in development.

MCX Series | Mid-scale CO2 Extractors
Designed for moderately high industrial throughput.
Currently in development.