Specialty designs and installations are well within the realm of Verado's services. For larger projects that aren't included in our current product offerings, our technical team can work with your business to design an extraction system that suits your needs. Innovation is at the center of Verado Extraction Systems. While we do have industry specialties, our expertise extends across a wide range of applications. In addition to creating new system configurations, we can modify existing extraction systems to handle challenges specific to your business. The possibilities of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction are endless.

Our proprietary computerized simulations enable us to effectively formulate a custom solution for your application. If you are in need of a specific solvent flow rate, extraction volume, working pressure, or other operating parameter, we will have a designer or engineer work with you to develop a custom supercritical or transcritical extraction system. Our equipment is also compatible with subcritical liquid carbon dioxide and can support specialized co-solvents.